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New ThermoPet® for foil lamination in label printing machine

SUPER COAT SEALS® - lateral coat seals

universal slowdown belts compatible with heidelberg

fat vampire®

PRE-tex® by Pavan Forniture Grafiche S.p.A

Top Quality Washcloth Worldwide by Pavan Forniture Grafiche S.p.A

super pack® new customization service!

super pack® calibrated underpacking paper

royal dot® printing blankets

SUMITOMO® S-Pria blue plus

PERFECTO!® by Pavan Forniture Grafiche s.p.a

The new RubberTex® Sucker!

royal paste® - hand cleaning paste

Air Diverters Kit for Lithoman

Parking and Cutting New Service

INK BIN® - in development


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